Liquidating Online

You form a company online, so you should be able to liquidate one too.

Direct Online Liquidation System. Companies are formed online, and now, they can be placed into Liquidation online. We are the only direct online insolvency system, we are unique. Welcome to the future of Insolvency.

The Online Liquidation Process

1. Two Minute Assessment

Is Liquidation the right option for your company? Find out by slotting some "ball-park" figures into our Liquidation Wizard, it’s easy, quick, and calculates the overall financial position. Click to start

2. Online Liquidation

Start the Liquidation process now. Create an account, and follow our step by step system to get things started. You can log back in anytime if you need to. Click to start.

3. Appointing your Liquidator

This is done at meetings of the shareholders and creditors, who generally deal with the matter by post and in practice creditors are unlikely to attend in person, particularly for small companies. So try not to worry about it, it will not be the ordeal you fear, rather it is likely to be an anti-climax!

Liquidation is an easy, simple legal process, where the Directors pass the company into the hands of a Liquidator, and they can make a fresh start in a new company, or go out and get a job if that makes more sense.

Is liquidating Online any different to the old way?

Liquidating your company online follows the same procedure as liquidating offline. The advantage to you, though, is that liquidating online with Insolvency Direct is cheaper, faster, easier and more convenient for you.

How much does liquidation cost?

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Making the decision to liquidate my company was one of the hardest things I have ever done. Alisdair and his staff made the whole process relatively painless, I would recommend them to any small business. Jason Nutt, Managing Director
The whole process was handled without any fuss, we were surprised and relieved that it all went so smoothly. Mike Phillips, Company Director
Liquidating online was simple and easy. As soon as I started the process, all the stress went away. Thankyou. James Cannock, Company Director
High quality information, professional and supportive at a challenging time. John Dooner