Costs to Liquidate a Company

The cost of Liquidation is often uncertain as in - How long is a piece of string? Generally speaking, the bigger the Company, the higher the fee is a rough rule of thumb.

InsolvencyDirect offers extremely competitive fixed fee prices starting from £2,000 including disbursements, rising in relation to the size of the company's business.

The Fees charged must be approved by the creditors.

If the company has assets that can be sold, the Liquidator’s fee will be charged against those funds, as a cost of the Liquidation.

If the company has no assets, then the Liquidation costs are payable in advance. The Insolvency Direct system will calculate the cost of Liquidation and if this is acceptable payment can be made via the online liquidation system.

How much does liquidation cost?

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Making the decision to liquidate my company was one of the hardest things I have ever done. Alisdair and his staff made the whole process relatively painless, I would recommend them to any small business. Jason Nutt, Managing Director
The whole process was handled without any fuss, we were surprised and relieved that it all went so smoothly. Mike Phillips, Company Director
Liquidating online was simple and easy. As soon as I started the process, all the stress went away. Thankyou. James Cannock, Company Director
High quality information, professional and supportive at a challenging time. John Dooner